Pastor Appreciation Day is always the second Sunday in October (October 8, 2017), and October is celebrated as Pastor Appreciation Month.

Pastor Appreciation Month is a special time that congregations set aside each year to honor their pastor and pastoral family for the hard work, sacrificial dedication and multiple blessings provided by these special people.

About 44,000 people serve as clergy in the United States. We are blessed to have one of the best.

It is also important to remember that appreciation, affirmation and prayer support of our pastor is appropriate throughout the entire year. We should try to show our appreciation for our pastor, not just on pastor appreciation day, not just on pastor appreciation month, but all year long!

With the shepherd doing so much to encourage the us, wouldn't it be nice if the we returned the favor? As a teacher, counselor, comforter, and the ones who unselfishly serve, our pastor and his family could use an extra pat on the back. So go ahead and find a special way to say thanks. You'll be glad you did.

The nature of the service provided by pastor and his family is unique. God has entrusted to them one of the most precious of assignments - the spiritual well-being of His flock.

Pastors and their families live under incredible pressures. Their lives are played out in a fishbowl, with the entire congregation and community watching their every move. They are expected to have ideal families, to be perfect people, to always be available, to never be down and to have all the answers we need to keep our own lives stable and moving forward. Those are unrealistic expectations to place on anyone, yet many of us are disappointed when a pastor becomes overwhelmed, or burns out.

That's why God has instructed us to recognize His servants: "Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine." (1 Timothy 5:17).

The good news is that we can make a difference! Pastor Appreciation Month is one way we can counter the negative erosion in the lives of our spiritual leaders with the positive affirmation they need.

Doesn't our pastor and his family deserve this kind of recognition? Do something about it today!

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