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Elder Randy Waters, Pastor

Elder Randy Waters was born on December 12, 1951 in Bulloch County near Brooklet, Georgia. He attended Southeast Bulloch High School, graduating in 1969. He attended the University of Georgia and earned a degree in Forest Resource Management in 1974. He worked as a forester for a number of years and owned a forestry consulting business.

Brother Randy joined the Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church near Brooklet, Georgia in 1968 at age 17. He was ordained as a Deacon before becoming a Licentiate in 1995. He was ordained as an Elder on November 13, 1997 at Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church.

Brother Randy served as pastor of the Lake Primitive Baptist Church from 1997 to 2005. He began serving as the pastor of the Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church in July 2005.

He has preached meetings at a number of Primitive Baptist Churches in Georgia, as well as churches in Alabama, Virginia and Indiana.

He and his wife Penny have six children; Ashley, Jennifer, Sarah, Kelsey, Caroline and Faith.

Brother Randy's home phone number is 912-842-9116. His cell phone number is 682-7543. His email address is


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Six Ways To Help Your Pastor Help Your Church

1. Let him know of spiritual needs. When sickness or death strikes, the pastor
     may not hear of it until it's too late - unless some thoughtful person lets
     him know.

2. Attend worship consistently. This will encourage him greatly in his work.

3. Carry your share of the church load. A minister who has to push everything
     soon becomes weary. Take some initiative yourself in performing your
     duties in the church.

4. Inform your pastor of new people in town or on your street. Every pastor
     wants to visit new people, but unless you keep him posted about
     newcomers, he may miss them.

5. Share the visitation. No minister can make all the calls that need to be made.

6. Be his friend. A pastor is also human. Your friendship will be a big
     encouragement to him in the Lord's work.

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