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A Brief History of the Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church

The Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church was begun in October 1896 under the leadership of Elder M. F. Stubbs. A group of sixteen residents of Statesboro, holding membership in various churches in the county, felt the need for a church of their same faith in town. Services were held for several months in Field's Hall, located at what is presently the corner of Siebald and Courtland Streets. At this time the population of Statesboro was approximately 850.

Soon after the constitution of the church a building was begun on South Main Street, only to be leveled by a storm.

The next year a new building on Vine Street neared completion, and after the congregation had met for one service, was also destroyed by storm.

The third attempt was successful and in 1898 the small congregation began holding services in their new meeting house on the corner of Broad and Grady Streets. The facility served for several years during which time the congregation was blessed to grow. In 1899 the membership was 56.

As the church prospered, our present sanctuary was erected in 1923-24. Additions were made in 1950, 1961, and again in 1997.

During the first forty years of existence, the Statesboro Church met once a month, each second Sunday and the Saturday before. It was during this time that the first ladies circle was organized in 1920 for the purposes of fellowship and service. The church experienced continuous growth and in 1942 began bi-monthly services. During these years God blessed men and women to have vision as to the needs of the church and how to best fulfill those needs. A pastorium was bought to house our resident pastor and his family, and a structured Bible Study program was instituted in 1947. As the years passed there came a desire for more services and in 1951 the church increased services to full time.

These are only some landmarks of our church's existence. As important as these events might be, by far the most important events have the individual human lives transformed by the grace of God and made fit for service in His kingdom. The thrilling part of history is that each one of us is a part of it, and how we respond to the Master's call to service and Christian responsibility is our contribution to it.

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Our Pastors Through The Years

          M. F. Stubbs 1896-1912

          W. H. Crouse 1912-1918

          S. H. Watley 1918-1919

          W. H. Crouse 1920-1928

          A. R. Crumpton 1929-1931

          W. H. Crouse 1931-1933

          V. F. Agan 1934-1954

          T. Roe Scott 1955-1961

          Emory Jackson 1961-1966

          Hoyt B. Simms 1967-1977

          W. H. Durrence 1977-1989

          John S. Mikell 1989-1994

          George Daunhauer 1993-2001

          Patrick McCoy 2002-2004

          Randy Waters 2005-

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Photos Of Our Church Through The Years

Broad Street Church, 1890

Broad Street Church, 1920

Zetterower Avenue Church, 1960

Zetterower Avenue Church, 1966

Zetterower Avenue Church, 1997 Addition

Zetterower Avenue Church, 2008

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If you have old photos of the Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church, or if you have historical information about the church, we would like to hear about it.

If you have additional information about Primitive Baptist History, please share it with us.

Please email us at the Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church and tell us what you have. Thank you!

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