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Progressive Primitive Baptists

The Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church is a Progressive Primitive Baptist Church.

The Progressive Primitive Baptists are a Christian denomination comprising 95 churches located in nine US states and one church in Haiti.

The denominational name consists of three parts.

They are identified with the Baptist tradition as they baptize only believers who have made a profession of faith and they only baptize by immersion.

The word Primitive in the name refers to their adherence to the original principles of their Baptist ancestors, the Particular Baptists of England. Their articles of faith are based on the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.

The word Progressive refers to their inclusion of musical instruments, bible studies, youth camps, mission and charity organizations that are rejected by other factions of Primitive Baptists, often referred to as "old line", "old school", or "hard shell". (From Wikipedia)

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Church Name

Our Church Staff


Elder Randy Waters, Pastor

Tom Sye, Worship Leader and Director of Choirs

Jenny Tankersley, Youth Director

Tamela Smith, Secretary

Chris Chambers, Sound And Custodial

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Church Name

Board of Deacons

Edwin Akins

Ed Boulineau (Secretary)

Jack Brannen

Wayne Brannen

Gary Crosby

Felix B. DeLoach

Warren Groover (Vice Chairman)

Rodney Harville

W. R. Smith

Lindsay Walker (Chairman)

Arthur Woodrum

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Church Name

Our Church Officers

Clerk: Wayne Brannen

Treasurer: Edwin Akins

Assistant Treasurer: Warren Groover

Secretary: Tamela Smith

Foundation Delegate: Rodney Harville

Alt. Foundation Delegate: Arthur Woodrum

Organist : Irene Hodges, Elaine Smith

Pianist: Bama Newman, Elaine Smith

Song Leader & Director Of Choirs: Tom Sye

Camp Delegate: Niki Mainer

Lighthouse Representative: Eddie Boulineau

Memorial Coordinator: Elaine Smith

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Church Name

Bible Study Classes

Nursery - Babies ages 0-2

Pre School Class - Toddlers ages 3-5

Freida Beasley Beginners Class - Girls and boys age 6

Robert Cason Primary Class - Girls and boys ages 7 - 9

Junior Class - Girls and boys ages 10 - 13

Senior Class - Girls and boys age 14 and up

Seekers Class - College students

Journey Class - Younger married and single adults

T. Roe Scott Class - Married and single adults all ages

Virgil Agan Class - Married and single adults age 50 and older

Servants Class - Married Couples Marian Agan Class - Women with a diverse age range

Faith Class - Women age 55 and older

Beamon Newsome Class - Men middle age and older

Ladies Fellowship Class - Women middle age and older

Frank Williams Class - Senior men's class for men age 55 and older

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Church Name

Progressive Primitive Baptist Logo

Primary Symbolisms

Cross -The risen Savior

Circular Figure:
Seen as "G" - Representing "God", "Grace"      
Seen as "C" - Symbolic of "Christ"                    
Seen as circular arrow - Christ coming down
     from and His victorious return to Heaven

Red - Represents the shed blood of Christ

Black - Represents our sins

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Church Name

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